3 Responses to “How to improve your flexibility and do the splits today”

  1. jean Says:

    ….can you suggest some good excercises for a mature adult dancer who is VERY tight?…are they the same as for young dancers?

  2. Muhammad Says:

    That’s right , It works if it’s done in a good way
    thank u Liza

  3. annaberalph Says:

    Hi Jean,

    Our Front Splits Fast program is great for dancers of any age! It really helps you to understand why you are tight and perhaps have been tight for a long time. As you work through each section of the program you will be able to identify the specific areas the you need to work on to improve your flexibility and you may even find your dance technique improves too!

    You might also find it interesting to listen to our free Flexibility Webinars that explain how and why we lose our flexibility over time, and answer some of the most common questions in relation to this.

    Remember it’s never too late to improve your flexibility!

    Dance Physio @ Perfect Form Physiotherapy

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