The Risks of Stretching.

“Why do I wake up sorer after I have done lots of stretching?”

Many people try and get more flexible by simply taking a muscle into a stretched position and pulling on it. More often than not, after a ‘good’ stretching session, they wake up the next day more sore and tight than the day before. This is due to the fact that you can actually tear tiny muscle fibers by doing this technique.

When we stretch a muscle, a message is sent to the brain to tell it that the muscle is being stretched. Sometimes, the brain will respond with a message telling the muscle to contract, in an effort to protect itself. This in turn makes the muscle contract in exactly the opposite direction to the way we want it to go! This contraction is why your leg will shake a little when you take it into a full stretch. This is your body’s way of saying “Wait up! I am not meant to go any further! It might not be safe! I want you to stop, now!”

So, how do we avoid this?

Well, the key is to stop being so had on yourself. You need to start making friends with your body, rather than treating it like the enemy! When you understand exactly why your body feels tight, and easy ways of releasing it, you will understand what I mean.

If you work on releasing the fascial and neural tension that is holding so much tension in your body, you just wont need to stretch like you do at the moment.

To check out a sample of what I mean, check out the video I created on how to do the Sub occipital releases yourself and feel the difference in your flexibility right away! This video is free on youtube so just click right HERE to watch it.

Remember that this is just one of the many techniques that we show in the dvds which can make massive differences to your mobility.


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  1. Joana Says:

    I have been working with the front splits fast program for some time and I feel that all the techniques for tension release work in that area only. There is not any exercise targetting the back of the thighs, so I can’t seem to be able to strecth them ever. The massages are great but do not affect my legs in any way. The tennis ball releases, release the hip but still not the leg, etc… I really do not know what do do about it.

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