How To Get Your Legs High In Extensions!

Hi Lisa! Something that has frustrated me for years in dance is leg extensions. With the right momentum, I can kick my leg up just as high as anyone in my class. But when it comes to slowly bringing the leg up slowly through developpe to tilts and things like that, I can never seem to get my leg up past a little over 90 degrees. Is this a problem of leg strength or am I just not flexible enough? Please help me I have been struggling with this for years and I don’t know what to do. Thank you for your time. :) Nikki

Hi Nikki
Thanks so much for posting a question on our site!
I have actually just covered this issue in detail in our recent webinar, so if you go to the replay, and click through to 32.42 (Unless you want to listen to the whole thing!)  then you will be able to listen in to my answer. To watch/listen to the replay, simply click on this link…
Kindest Regards,
Lisa Howell

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