How do I get into the splits?

Dancers all over the world are constantly asking questions such as… “How do I get into the splits” “What are the best ways to stretch” and “How can I get more flexible“. There are so many myths in the dance world (as well as in Martial Arts, Gymnastics and any other sport that desires flexibility) about how to get more flexible, however many of these can actually be very dangerous.

Pushing into stretches, over stretching, PNF Stretching, Ballistic stretching and Partner Stretching all carry risks of tearing muscles and damaging ligaments. If you are pushed into a stretch too hard there is even the possibility of an avulsion fracture – where a piece of bone is pulled off at the attachment site of the muscle. This is very common in young dancers and gymnasts.

Therapists such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, as well as massage therapists and Myofascial therapists use many different techniques to enhance mobility and flexibility that have very little to do with stretching the muscle. Learning subtle ways of releasing certain trigger points yourself can have profound and dramatic results, without the risk of hurting yourself!

The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program is a comprehensive program designed by Physiotherapist Lisa Howell (Sydney, Australia) that takes these amazing techniques out of the clinic and into your hands. The program teaches you how to use three different approaches to rapidly increase your flexibility in a very short space of time.

  • The Mind Body Connection – If you can influence the constant message from your brain that is telling your muscle to contract, then you can achieve far greater mobility than by trying to physically stretch that muscle longer. This program will teach you ways of channeling your focus to talk to your body, and become its friend, rather than fighting it all of the time!
  • Neural Mobility – The nervous system is a continuous web of connective tissue that extends from your brain to the tips of your fingers and toes. If there are any mechanical blockages along its path, then the mobility in any part of your body can be affected. Front Splits Fast! Focuses on isolating these blockages and letting your nerves slide freely.
  • Fascial Mobility – Many therapist such as Thomas Myers and Ida Rolf have explored the concept of the coverings of our muscles (Fascia) transmitting tension through many other parts of the body. There are several important catchment points that can make an extraordinary difference to your levels of mobility and general feeling of freedom. Simple and gentle massage in just the right places can make a profound difference to your mobility.

The Front Splits Fast Program teaches you how to “treat” yourself using the above 3 methods, and discover your true ranges of mobility. Forget the hours of stretching, only to wake up the next day tighter than the day before. Discover how easy it is to feel free in your own body, and perform to your ultimate potential today!

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